What sort of cost is involved in fitting a new hot water cylinder. I’ve heard there is a new type (pressurised) and then old type. Whats the difference?

A pressurised cylinder is one that is under pressure by means of mains or storage tank via pump that pumps through cylinder (giving high pressure hot water at outlet), the cold water would be of equal pressure as they would both be fed from same source I.E mains or pump. This cylinders have to be made from stainless steel or similar to cope with stress. These cylinders are expensive, they last much longer, if fed off mains than no need for storage tank in attic.

An unpressurised cylinder is what most people have (copper). the cylinder is only under the pressure that is excerted by the height of the storage tank in relation to the cylinder (higher the storage tank= greater the pressure). However a pump can always be fitted after the copper cylinder to pressurise plumbing system I.E the pump pulls water from the cylinder as opposed to forcing water through it.

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