Heating Zone Controls Installation and Upgrades

Heating zone controls installation - www.watertech.ieInstalling heating zone controls in your central heating system can save you up to 20% on your heating bills.

Heating zone controls are electronically controlled motorised valves that allow different parts of your heating system to be switched on or off.

This allows you to set individual room temperatures at different times of the day e.g. bedrooms are heated only at night, guest rooms are not heated at all when unoccupied, living rooms are cooler during the day and have a cosy temperature in the evening.

Installing heating zone controls also allows you to have your hot water on without having to turn all the radiators off.


Heating Zone Controls Example – Twin Zone Control System

These improvements are not always possible and depend how you initial installation was done.

Twin zone heating control systemThis is a simple smart way  to save you money by splitting  your heating controls electrically  in to two or more zones whereby  you have full control  over what you want to heat .

This is very useful in the summer time when you may only want to heat the water in your cylinder.

This system means  that at the touch of a button  you have total control  over  your heating system . It saves you money as when all zones  are satisfied /hot the boiler automatically shuts down meaning that the system is operating to its maximum efficiency.

Benefits of installing heating zone controls

According to SEAI (Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland), by installing  heating controls in their home and using these controls in an efficient manner, homeowners can reduce their energy usage by up to 20% .

Heating zone controls contribute to :

  • Reduction in heating bills
  • Reduction in Greenhouse Gas emissions
  • Increased comfort levels

There is now grant aid available through the SEAI Better Energy Homes scheme to help you finance the installation of heating zone controls. Visit SEAI website for more information about the grant and to read a case study on the savings achieved with heating zone controls.


Heating Zone Controls Installation

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