Plumbing, Heating and Solar Heating Related Questions

Here is a list of frequently asked questions  related plumbing, heating or solar heating problems. Click on the question to reveal the answer.

Central heating related questions (1)

Gas Boiler not working

Why won’t my gas boiler work?

Check the easily overlooked things first.

Is there power going to the time-clock?

Did you for get to pay the gas bill?

Has the gas tap been accidentally turned off (handle should be in the vertical position)?

Has somebody turned to thermostat down?

If you have checked these and the boiler is still not working then give us a call for further advice.

Plumbing related questions (4)

Water Pump turning on and off

Why does the water pump in my apartment turns its self on for a few seconds every minute or two all the time.

This is more than likely caused by a dripping tap even just a few drips can drop the pressure in the pipes and cause the pump to turn on and bring the pressure back up.

Another possible cause is a leaking ball valve in a toilet cistern, many cisterns over flow internally into  toilet its self so you might never know you have a leak.

Apart from being annoying a pump turning on and off that frequently will have a shortened lifespan. Fixing a dripping tap or a leaking valve is a lot cheaper than replacing a water pump.

When I flush the toilet the pipes make a sound for a minute or so, Why?

It’s tough to say without hearing the sound. It could be a bad ballcock, a loose pipe in the wall or a water hammer caused by air in the lines.




What sort of cost is involved in fitting a new hot water cylinder. I’ve heard there is a new type (pressurised) and then old type. Whats the difference?

A pressurised cylinder is one that is under pressure by means of mains or storage tank via pump that pumps through cylinder (giving high pressure hot water at outlet), the cold water would be of equal pressure as they would both be fed from same source I.E mains or pump. This cylinders have to be made from stainless steel or similar to cope with stress. These cylinders are expensive, they last much longer, if fed off mains than no need for storage tank in attic.

An unpressurised cylinder is what most people have (copper). the cylinder is only under the pressure that is excerted by the height of the storage tank in relation to the cylinder (higher the storage tank= greater the pressure). However a pump can always be fitted after the copper cylinder to pressurise plumbing system I.E the pump pulls water from the cylinder as opposed to forcing water through it.

Burst pipe – What shall we do before calling a plumber

First call the plumber, tell him the problem, ask for instructions.
In the meantime turn off the mains water, the stopcock is where the water come into your home, often under kitchen sink.
If this stops the water leaking the problem is between the stopcock and your water storage tank. If the water is still leaking then you need to turn of the valves on your cold water storage tank and drain your system as quickly as possible turn on the hot and cold taps to do this. Turn off your central heating. As a warning don’t touch wet electrics, if the electrics are getting wet turn them off at the main fuse board.


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