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Isometric solar panel in production of hot waterSolar Heating Panels absorb the energy from the sun and transfer this heat to water. Hot water is then used either for heating your house or used for washing, bathing or showering.

Modern Solar Heating Systems will provide plenty of hot water even on a dull summer’s day or bright winter’s day.

Although there will be more hot water than you need on a sunny summers day and possibly not quite enough on a really dull day, a properly set up solar hot water system can  provide 70% of your hot water needs.

Solar energy is free, clean and safe . It is environmentally friendly and produces no waste or pollution. Using solar energy is very effective at reducing your carbon footprint as well as your energy bills.

The sun radiates enormous amounts of energy to the earth, and as Ireland, on average receives only 60% of the solar energy that is received on the equator,  a modest collector is sufficient to provide for all the heating needs of the average household.

Solar Panel Types

There are two main types of solar panels available in Ireland:

  • Flat Plate Collectors 
  • Vacuum Tube Collectors (also called Evacuated Tube Collectors)

Flat Plate Collectors


Evacuated Tube Collectors / Vacuum Tube Collectors Solar Panels

Evacuated Tube Collectors are more popular in Ireland because they generally take up less roof space and perform marginally better than PV Panels in prolonged overcast conditions.


Solar Panel installation

Solar Panels InstallationWatertech offers installation of  Evacuated Tube Solar Panels. We also supply the panels, water cylinders and all other  required parts and accessories.

According to Bloomberg New Energy Finance estimates, the price of PV modules per MW has fallen by more than 60% since the summer of 2008, making solar power  a viable alternative to traditionally generated electricity.

Modern solar panels work very well not only in sunny countries but also in overcast areas like Ireland.

They are a great solution to ever-increasing energy costs.

Solar Panels Grants

Grant applications for Solar water heating now come under the Better Energy scheme from SEAI and are open for applications as of the 16/05/11. There is only one rate of payment which is now a flat rate of €800 per installation no matter what size.

To see details of the new scheme please click here

Solar Panel Installation Payback

The payback time on a solar heating system depends on a number of variable costs:
1. The cost of installation
2. The cost of the fossil fuel energy the solar energy is replacing
3. The cost of the fossil fuel energy supply in the future.
4. The potential operational life of the system you are installing – i.e. how long will the solar panels be producing energy

SEAI have a handy solar power payback calculator which can give you an idea of the possible benefit and payback a solar panel heating system can provide to your household.


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